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Thu Dec 12 14:36:15 EST 2002


as Markus asked some time ago, I revised the macOS X readme file, that I
attached here (for Markus). I also tried to install GRASS using the packages,
and I have some remarks. Maybe someone who knows more about OS X and tcl/tk...

The use of the native (aqua) tcl/tk packages is very nice. However, I found
some glitches:

- The OSX-BG.gif file is lacking. Without it the native tcl/tk does not start.
Of course, you can make a blank gif which works too...

- The second time you open a window in tcl/tk it fails with the message "error:
window name "frameosx_bg" already exists in parent" and you have to restart
the tcltk interface.

- NVIZ fails because "can't open library: /usr/local/lib/libtk8.4.dylib"
which indeed is not included in the native osx tcl/tk packages. So you should
install the X-version as well? I will try to figure it out later...

- the tcltk_macosX_lib.tar.gz and tcltkbin_macosX.tar.gz on the grass website
contain an 8.0 version that does not work with the grass package. Maybe better
to remove them and let people install the complete recent version?

If I'm receiving answers on some of these questions on the mailing list,
I will add them to the readme.



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