[GRASSLIST:5230] r.volume

Malte Martin malte at geog.fu-berlin.de
Sun Dec 15 05:24:43 EST 2002

Hi Grasslist,

first of  all thanks for the help with r.buffer, but now another question:

Does r.volume only calculate integer values? I got 44 cells (resolution:
1 m) with a data range of 0.1 - 0.36 m. But when calcultating the volume
r.volume returns 0.00 cubicmeters.

I thought about summarizing all cell values and multiplying it with the
44 cells. Can anybody give me a hint how I can get the sum of all
cell-values (as I understood r.statistics only works with integer data).
  Some neighbor operations with r.mapcalc?

Thanks in advance

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