[GRASSLIST:2900] CVS compile

Kevin Slover kjslover at nhc.noaa.gov
Mon Jan 14 11:00:31 EST 2002

I am having some problem compiling the newest CVS snapshot...with the
./configure, it is giving me the error:
checking for location of DBM includes... 
checking for dbm.h... no
configure: error: *** Unable to locate DBM includes.
I do have the dbm.h lib on my system, but maybe not in the proper
also, on a second question, I am looking to uninstall the current GRASS
on my system, but am not able to find the uninstall.sh script
anywhere...how do I uninstall grass??
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              Tropical Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center
                    11691 SW 17th Street Miami FL 33165
                 Work: (305) 229-4456 Fax : (305) 553-1264

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