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ecollage ecollage at vsnl.net
Sat Jan 19 00:24:28 EST 2002

dear anil

since you have already scanned the topo sheet and digitized it, you already
have a vectorized contour map (i presume you have also digitized the
to attach labels/attributes:

(i) in the v.digit module look in the Label menu for Label Contours (c).
(ii) the parser will ask you for (a) the contour interval (b) to identify a
starting line and it's height and (c) end line and height

it will then label all contours between the two with incremental height
values (specified by you  by defining contour interval (i) in the Label

the routine will identify any mistakes in digitizing etc. and throw up an
error message.

ecollage has developed MESSIAH (Mahabaleshwar EcoSensitive Area Spatial
Information Access system by Http) using GRASS containing 23 primary
spatial, 13 derived spatial and 8 non-spatial data relevant to the ESA.
MESSIAH is portable to any other format (ARC, ARCVIEW, MAPINFO etc.) and an
introduction page should be up on the web soon. the entire system will be
web enabled in a couple of months (we need funds!).

we have considerable expertise in using GRASS and would be happy to help
CES-IISc more formally in GIS development work if you wish.


sujoy chaudhuri
managing trustee

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> Dear Sujoy
>           I am sorry to disturb you . Actually I donot know the meaning of
> vectorizing of contours , actually I am new in GIS . Could you help me in
> this regard . I know how to digitize a scan toposheet with the help of
> v.digit module . But I donot know categorize height as attributes etc .
> Could you help me if possible .
> Waiting for your reply
> WIth regards
> Anil

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