[GRASSLIST:2974] Question about setting up mapsets and importing data

Keene Haywood keene at texas.net
Wed Jan 23 13:41:26 EST 2002

I just want to make sure I am clear about setting up files for a project
in Grass.

I undertand that Grass will access a database of map files.  These are
organized according to location.  Within the location are mapsets of
specific areas(data layers) within the location region.  

When accessing files in this mapset of data layers, does Grass know what
the projection, coordinates, etc. are, or do you have to set this up
manually.  If so, where in Grass does one do this?

For example, can I put some raster GIS files (DOQ's in .tif format) and
then expect Grass to read the geographic info. files for these images and
display them or do you set up the parameters (coordinates, etc.) first.  

I also would like to thank Glenn who posted a helpful reply to my
question some time ago about how files are organized within Grass for

Thanks very much!

Keene Haywood

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