[GRASSLIST:3008] Re: Importing TIFF images.

Emile Snyder esnyder at whitesalmon.net
Sun Jan 27 21:50:17 EST 2002

I am a total GIS and GRASS newcomer, so take this advice with a grain of
salt ;)

I have been experimenting with DEM, DLG, and DRG 1:24000 scale data from
USGS.  The DRG data are TIFF scans of 7.5minute hardcopy maps, and come as
zip compressed files.  They have both the .tif and .tfw files.  I used
r.in.tiff to import them and they seem to align correctly with the DEM and
DLG data.

The r.in.tiff man page describes the format of the .tfw files (basically x
and y pixel size relative to ground, rotation, and coordinate of the tiff
corner pixel).  Can you just write this file by hand after generating the
TIFF from your other application and then use r.in.tiff to move the file
into GRASS?


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