[GRASSLIST:4922] Re: Problems with importing polar data

Eric G. Miller egm2 at jps.net
Sun Nov 10 02:21:15 EST 2002

On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 07:02:44AM +0100, Morten Hulden wrote:

> also found out proj ignores lat_0 value in ups projection. so simplified
> patch below. no need to ask for latitude at all and no need to touch the 
> too-ugly-for-words g.setproj.
> the patch is purely cosmetic to make PROJ_INFO display real values used by
> proj - ups projection should work correctly as is, even if values 
> PROJ_INFO are misleading.

Well, if we're not going to have all of the relevant parameters,
(even if proj doesn't use them) then we should drop all but the
required south yes/no "flag".  I'm ambivalent as to whether PROJ_INFO
should carry more information than it really needs to.  UPS is much
like UTM where little is needed to define the projection (discounting
the ellipsoid/datum) because the coordinate system fairly well-defined.

UTM - North/South & Zone
UPS - North/South

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