[GRASSLIST:4933] Re: Problems with importing polar data

Anton B. Ivanov abi at mipl.jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 11 14:36:12 EST 2002

Dear all, 

  thanks to all who replied to my question on the polar projections. My data is 
really in Polar Stereographic Projection, but AFAIK it is not on the list of 
projections supported by GRASS (is this right?). I have found that only UPS 
supports polar projections. 
  r.proj has failed for me when I was trying to reproject data from LatLon 
location to my polar setup. I was not able to reproject my data into, say 
sinusoidal projection. Does anybody can provide a working example and a dataset?
  But here's another question. How can draw a geographic grid over my data? 
d.grid seems to produce only rectangular grids. Or am I doing something totally 

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