[GRASSLIST:4937] A question

Kevin Slover Kevin.Slover at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 12 09:22:20 EST 2002

Just a quick question.  I have been playing with the SRTM data, and have
noticed that the data comes in WGS84 ellipsoid.  I am looking to convert
these heights to MSL.  Does anyone know of anyway to do this within

The only thought that I have had so far was to import the WGS84
ellipsoid heights, and use r.mapcalc to subtract.  However, just a quick
look at the data, that would not really work.  Has anyone had any
experience with having to do this??  Thanks!!

LTJG Kevin Slover, NOAA
GIS Specialist/Oceanographer
NOAA/TPC/TSB/Storm Surge Unit
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Miami FL  33165

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