[GRASSLIST:4960] Re: Areas in dig_att

Michael Ash mash at econs.umass.edu
Fri Nov 15 02:30:05 EST 2002

> > I'm looking at the dig_att file of my subbasins map and I can see the
> > coordinates (of the area centroid?), if it is an arc or line and the
> > cat.number.
> > 
> > Issue 1: How do I get the areas of the subbasins into the
> > attribute table?
> You don't.  But maybe you can turn them into a category file
> (dig_att/<name>).  The format is documented in the programming manual,
> but mostly is just lines of "<category number> : <some text>".

SHOULD THE ABOVE READ "turn them into a category file (dig_cats/<name>)" ?


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