[GRASSLIST:4964] PostGrass Italian C driver

Juanse georef at tie.cl
Fri Nov 15 09:47:07 EST 2002

  Hi everyone

  I am a new comer onto Grass.

  I am migrating from Mapinfo stuff to OpenSource. I have succesfully migrated all my data to PostgreSQL/PostGIS and I can serv it with Mapserver (UMN), now I need to join Grass with PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

  Searching the web I have arrived to an italians students page decribing in detail a C driver call PostGrass, but I can only arrive to pdf files. http://www.rcost.unisannio.it/antoniol/students/PostGrass. 

  I wonder if there is a place to download this driver or they come already installed on GRASS 5.1?

  Your help will be cordially wellcome



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