[GRASSLIST:4974] need a adviser command to say how to import

Dan Jacobson jidanni at dman.ddts.net
Sat Nov 16 05:59:24 EST 2002

Know what grass needs? A command to advise one what *.in.* command
one should use:
$ ls
arc0000.nit arc0002.dat dblbnd.adf makefile w001001.adf arc.dir
arc0001.dat arc0002.nit hdr.adf sta.adf w001001x.adf arc0000.dat
arc0001.nit arc0002r.001 log vat.adf yulin.e00
$ g.in.advise *
Hello, this is the new adviser command.  Well, for the .e00 file try
m.in.e00.  For the *.adf files, try r.in.gdal, with the input name
being the current directory, not the files themselves! For the ... try ...

Sure, RTFM, but an adviser command wouldn't hurt.  Some of use were
given various GIS data, and we don't know if it is vector or raster
etc.  All we want to do is to get it into grass and get the most out
of it.

BTW, the adviser command could optionally tell us what's in those
input files too: "this e00 file contains raster data, a site list, and
a portrait of Mom"
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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