[GRASSLIST:4985] Re: NVIZ libraries

Piero Cavalieri grasspiero at tiscali.it
Mon Nov 18 04:53:19 EST 2002

  Camilo Castiblanco wrote:

> Hello list
> I intented to run the NVIZ but i don´t have two libraries:
> libtk.so.0
> libtcl.so.0
> Where can i found this libraries?
> Thanks
> Camilo

I suppose you have the package tcl/tk already installed (if not, check 
in your distro). Do a slocate libtcl. Pheraps you have libtclX.x.so , 
so  simply do a
ln -s /dir/where/you/have/libtclX.x.so /dir/where/you/want/libtcl.so.

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