[GRASSLIST:4990] Re: US Census boundary file problem

Michael Ash mash at econs.umass.edu
Mon Nov 18 16:44:48 EST 2002

> Try to click on that areas with d.what.vect, you can get:
> 1) no area -> unclosed areas
> 2) area not labeled -> missing category
> 3) labeled area -> strange

Using d.what.vect and moving due east from northern New
Mexico, U.S.A., I find New Mexico, Nothing where Texas
Should Be, and Oklahoma:

103:21W(E) 35:46:30N(N)
st99_d00.name in mash  Area - Category 192 New Mexico
Size - Sq Meters: 1000865258519.582		Hectares: 100086525.852
           Acres: 247313185.009		Sq Miles: 386426.8516

101:26:15W(E) 35:33N(N)
st99_d00.name in mash  Nothing Found.

97:09:45W(E) 35:39:45N(N)
st99_d00.name in mash  Area - Category 191 Oklahoma
Size - Sq Meters: 2210586840632.636		Hectares: 221058684.063
           Acres: 546234638.122		Sq Miles: 853491.6221

I think that the problem is an unclosed area.

> Are you sure that attributes imported from e00 were integers > 0?
> As cats < 1 are not valid, such records are deleted from dig_att
> by v.support.

The dig_att/ file looks perefectly fine and includes lines
with attributes that correspond to Texas in the dig_cats/



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