[GRASSLIST:5004] Re: HELP: icon problem in ps.map

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Wed Nov 20 04:20:17 EST 2002

On Tuesday 19 November 2002 06:34 pm, Zhong Xu wrote:
> Hi, grassusers,
> I am using Grass 5.0.0 to work for my project. Now I am facing a weird
> problem. Here it is: I created some icons using ps.icon. In my project, I
> used point instruction with different icons to denote the countys crop.
> Since I have 89 counties, the multiple point instructions are needed; and
> an icon might be used continuously. The problem is that if an icon is used
> continuously, it can ONLY be displayed in the FIRST point; the other
> continuous points will be showed as diamonds (For example, the Roma4 icon
> in my sample codes  only point (170238.75 2078816.42) shows as Roma4). But
> if an icon is not used continuously, it always shows fine. Anybody can
> help me out? It is so weird

I don't have explanation for this, I want only note that
if you have 89 points, it may be better to print them as sites.
If you create site file mysites:
and EPS files Roma1.eps, Roma3.eps, Roma4.eps you can print with ps.map:
sites mysites
  eps Roma$.eps


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