[GRASSLIST:5017] Grass Data Model used for areas

Juanse georef at tie.cl
Wed Nov 20 18:57:54 EST 2002

Where can i get more información on the Grass Data Model used for areas, or
the Grass data model in topological terms?

Is the Grass Data Model compliant with OGC standards, or will the OGC data
model standards evolv to Grass Data Model?



> > I know that Geos (Topological PostGis) is almost finish, and after your
> > reply the same applies to Grass.
> Note that I used word "topological" in quite different sense than it is
> in Geos. In Geos it means topological operation between simple features
> and in Grass I was talking about data model used for areas (boundaries +
> centroids, not closed polygons).

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