[GRASSLIST:5024] Re: Looking for something like r.grow, but that retains value

H. Bowman ihatejunkyabastards at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 21 05:15:11 EST 2002

> > I'm looking to 'grow' a line in a raster much like r.grow would do,
> > but have the new cells take on the value of its nearest tangential
> > neighbor- not 1. Basically I have a thin line of varying data which I
> > am trying to emphasize, to make it easier to see.

> I thought r.grow would have suited your purpose. The man pages say that 
> the -b switch forces the output to be binary, by default though, the 
> attribute of the source is preserved.

r.grow man page:
"If the -b flag is not used, these cells will retain their original 
category values. ***In either case, all cells whose category value is 
from 0 during the growing process are assigned a category value of 1 in the
output map.***"

My original line retains its values, but the new 'grown' cells around it 
are category 1. I would like them to take on the value of their nearest 
tangential neighbor in the output map...

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