[GRASSLIST:5059] Raster reprojection, callable from another program

Jeff Jacober jeff at terraengine.com
Mon Nov 25 13:04:36 EST 2002


I have a database that contains orthorectified raster images (SPOT 
satellite images).  I need to find a way that these images can be 
reprojected into a different map projection on demand.  I need the 
process to be able to be automated and performed  as it is required 
(Example: a user requests an image and wants it in a certain projection.  
The server fetches the image (.tif or .jpg file) and reprojects it and 
then serves the new image).

I was thinking something like an executable that takes as paramaters the 
filename, original projection, and desired projection, and then writes a  
new image file. This could then be called as neccessary.  I can find 
something very similar, but they either can't be called by another 
program, or they only handle vectors and not rasters.

Can GRASS accomplish this? (or maybe OSSIM?) If so how can I do it?

Jeff Jacober
Iunctus Geomatics Corp.
325 5th Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
T1J 2B4
(403) 381-2800

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