[GRASSLIST:5065] r3.out.v5d (?) problem

John Harrop johnh at sjgeophysics.com
Mon Nov 25 17:16:02 EST 2002

I converting volumetric models from an external format into grass sites 
and v5d for visualization.  I've written a simple import utility based 
on s.in.ascii and as far as I can see that is working (the sites files 
look correct).

The process goes:

g3.region (if required)

(looks good still - I see reasonable shaped iso-surfaces)


Now when I start vis5d (1.3.0 or 1.2.1) and view the data I get a 
stripped pattern such as you might expect if coordinates were swapped 
when loading/matching the original data, or perhaps if vis5d is reading 
degrees instead of metres and wraps the degrees around!  I've been 
banging my head for several days here.  Any comments would be 
appreciated.  I've attached a PNG of the vis5d view to show what I have 
been seeing.  The result should be a fairly smooth and contiguous model 
(of subsurface resistivity data).


John Harrop
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