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Juanse georef at tie.cl
Mon Nov 25 21:00:35 EST 2002

Right, it is actually not that simple to read a postgresql/postgis layer from grass5.1

after reading and trying, trying and reading, it seem that postgis file structure is not suited for grass5.1 postgrass directly reading.

In fmrt files i am ask to provide several fields for grass to be able to find the geometry and category data.

Postgis stores in one column in my case wkb_geometry, a string identifying at the same type the SRID, the geometry type and the actual geometry in wkb, with a constrain at the end that tell pgsql how this string is constructed (Am i right?).

Has anyone build a protocol or sql sentence to prepare a postgis table for the grass requiered format: ie separate geometry from category with the same ID on both tables, and in the geometry table separate the geometry from the geometry type?

which geometry type are allowed in Grass, i have an int4 from >0 to < 5, which are those? which int is equivalente to point, which to line, which to polyline, which to area and so on?


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  I have pass the first wall. I need some Grass help.

  what is the meaning of Location, mapset and database.

  I sort get that they are related to the actual path where the data is? Am i correct?

  I have made the following dir structure

  Inside Home i have created Mapa dir, and inside it a vector dir and inside it a rio dir


  inside rio i have make two files:
   head (with nothing in it)
  and frmt with

  rios is a NTAM table in ejercicio. I am using it again for categories. Is that all right or i have to separate geometry from categories in pgsql/gis?

  after running grass51 i have set

  location:    vector
  Mapset:     rio
  database: /home/mapa/

  welcome to grass 5.1
  bla bla bla
  GRASS:/home/map/vector/rio> d.mon start=x0
  d.mon: error while lodaing shared libraries: libpd.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.


  where do i have the mistake?

  Do I need that pqsql library installed in the client machine? why?
  Is is already installed on the pgsql server.

  Do i need to make this path structure by hand for each layer i want to use in grass eventhough they are all stored in the same pgsql/GIS database?


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    It is no bother at all, but I'm afraid that I have not tried connecting to PostGIS from GRASS. I have only used PostGIS with MapServer. Keep trying on the GRASS list and maybe try asking the Refractions guys for help. And please post your finding because I would like to give it a try if I ever find some time.

    Best regards,

    At 08:09 PM 11/25/2002 -0300, you wrote:

      Hi Richard
      Sorry to bother directly but seem that this Grass to Postgres is to much for a new comer.
      have you tried it yet?
      can i bother with some questions?
      Having the data already in postgreSQL/PostGIS, how to read it with Grass?
      I am making the head and frmt, but have question as to the definition of various entries, the same applies for location, mapset and database.

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