[GRASSLIST:5085] General questions

Roberto Dip roberto.dip at aguasdelvalle.com.ar
Wed Nov 27 07:38:09 EST 2002

Hello to all Grass users,

Until now I have been working with commercial software. I have installed
WinGrass and made the Spearfish tutorial. I have noticed that Grass is more
oriented to raster processing. Before going on I need to know whether is

- To create different kind of vector thematic maps based in nodes, lines,
and polygons.

- To link vector entities with registers in a database (for example: a
polygon representing a parcel with an ID to a register that has data like
the name of the owner).

- To query the database via SQL and see the results graphically in the
monitor (for example: show all the parcels that meet a selection condition).

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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