[GRASSLIST:5105] Re: General questions

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Nov 28 04:40:32 EST 2002

On Wednesday 27 November 2002 07:51 pm, Michael Ash wrote:
> BTW, would it be possible for someone to explain to new
> users, what will be available in 5.1?

Nobody knows what WILL be available, but I can tell you what already IS
- link features in one vector to more tables (e.g. lakes and fields sharing
  boundaries but with different table structure)
- 3D vectors (you can already query heights of TIN by d.what.vect)
- read directly shapefiles without conversion
- store geometry in PostGIS/Postgres (multiuser write access)
- some features from db.* and pg.* modules are already integrated to standard
  modules (for example d.vect map=road where="type = 2"
  v.extract input=road output=road2 where="type = 2")
- more database drivers: ODBC, DBF, Postgres, MySQL
- network analysis: d.path finds shortest path between source and destination
  node, costs may be assigned both to nodes and arcs (to arcs different in
  both directions)
- spatial index - v.build (v.support) accelerated from hours to seconds
- display 3D areas (like TIN) and lines in nviz:
- v.digit with GUI (not yet finished):
- v.surf.rst can read z values and smoothing parameters from any column
  in database table
- export any OGR format for which write access is supported by OGR
  (including attributes, if supported by format).
  Currently  Shapefile, TIGER, MapInfo and GML.
  PostGIS and DGN should be soon available
- v.clean (break lines at each intersection, remove duplicates) currently
  works better than v.spag


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