[GRASSLIST:4873] DTM from a dxf-3D file

Andrea Mamusa amamusa at tiscalinet.it
Fri Nov 1 12:41:29 EST 2002

Thanks to all for the answers to my previous question (nviz libpq.so error):
Now nviz run correctly.

I need to create a DTM starting from a dxf-3D file with contour lines.
I try to import with command v.in.dxf and v.support to rebuild topology and v.to rast but the 
the problem is that when i convert the vector contour map (.DFX) to raster i get a raster 
file containing patches or points of different colors rather then the actual contour lines
To run v.surf.rst program caused a sudden crash system. Is this method wrong?
Can anyone please tell me which are the correct steps to create the DTM raster map?
Andrea Mamusa
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