[GRASSLIST:4891] Re: ID given Distance from a given point's ID

Christoph Hoegl C.Hoegl at gmx.net
Tue Nov 5 16:36:28 EST 2002

Have a look at the 

sth like this might work for you:

It creates areas of "closeness"
You may "color" your map according to the ID of the nearest point
(catnum option)

so all new points are automatically on their green:-)

r.mapcalc 'roundmap=round(map)' # cause s.voronoi works only with integers
r.to.sites input=roundmap output=roundmap.sites # convert to 
# 	sites as s.voronoi works only with sites
s.voronoi  sites=roundmap.sites vect=closest.vect # creates closeness diagrams
v.to.rast input=closest.vect output=closest.rast # optionally convert to
#	raster
# you may display and query using
d.rast closest.rast
d.vect closest.vect
d.what.vect closest.vect


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