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Patrick Giraudoux patrick.giraudoux at univ-fcomte.fr
Sun Nov 2 03:45:13 EST 2003

Problem (just solved below): how to emulate three buttons mouse with a two buttons mouse (eg portable computer, etc...). The middle button getting emulated with a click on both buttons together.

Thanks a lot to all the contributors, Buchan Milne, Lionel Bargeot, Michel Wurtz, Mose, Jérôme and special thanks to Glynn Clements who put me closer to the good track.

XFree86 in the CygWin environment does not use config files but get the options encapsulated in the startxwin.bat file (/usr/ X11R6/bin/startxwin.bat). Just edit startxwin.bat (I am not longer used with unix commands, at home with no books, thus edited it with the MS/DOS edit command! a shame... I promise to make room for Linux on the hard disk ASAP).

In startxwin.bat, a range of options are just recalled after: 

REM Brief description of XWin-specific options:


REM -emulate3buttons [timeout]
REM         Emulate three buttons mouse with an optional timeout in milliseconds

Some lines below, one reads:

start XWin -multiwindow

This must be changed into:

start XWin -multiwindow -emulate3buttons 500

... and then save the startxwin.bat file. The timeout has been set at 500 milliseconds after some trials (the default 50 was too short and not usable on my HP compaq nx7000 computer. Getting old?).

Patrick Giraudoux

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