[GRASSLIST:1662] Re: Vector file format

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Tue Nov 4 07:11:44 EST 2003

On Tuesday 04 November 2003 11:17, Maliheh wrote:
> Hello all,
> I want to ask a mapping company that prepare for me some vector maps of
> street network of our city. they gave me a sample but in "dwg" format, I
> think that the library for using this format has an expensive license, so I
> want to know, in which format I should tell them, give me the maps, that I
> could use them in GRASS and do some analysis on them. Would you please help
> me?
> thanks a lot
> Maliheh

DWG files can be imported by v.in.dwg in version 5.1/7. To compile this 
module, you need OpenDWG library. You can use this library for free in 
your organization but you cannot sell products (SW) using this library
(until you become "Commercial Associate Member").
See http://www.opendwg.org/membership/join.htm
We cannot distribute binary version of v.in.dwg via Web, because 
GRASS license does not allow it.


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