[GRASSLIST:1687] Re: Mailing List Archive

Stephan Eickschen eicksch at gfz-potsdam.de
Wed Nov 5 07:43:04 EST 2003

>> How much data is there in total to be saved.
>> Even if we cannot find somebody to host it yet,
>> we might at least save the current archive in a state that
>> is easy to reconstruct once we find someone to host it again. :)
> 53Mbyte uncompressed Unix mail file, gzipped 12.5Mbyte...
The gzipped Mail file can find at
Everbody is welcome to download it at use it for his purpos. The web
archive (currently) takes 57.411 MByte. If anybody would like to set
it up like I did it for the (moved) GMT Mailing List Archive at
I will try to give any possible assistance using procmail/hypermail.
Any other way (such as using a web site which hosts many archives)
will have to be done by somebody else.



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