[GRASSLIST:1693] Re: GRASS binaries: why not?

Richard Greenwood Rich at GreenwoodMap.com
Thu Nov 6 00:08:16 EST 2003

I have a good binary of grass5.0.3rc5 on cygwin (thanks to Glynn's tireless 
help) that I would like to contribute to the mix, but i have one 
peculiarity that I think should be cleaned up:

I configure with
but it insist on creating in install directory of:

Where is the /grass5 coming from? What's the protocol for a release 
candidate install directory?

As always- thanks for your patience and help.

Best regards,

Richard W. Greenwood, PLS
Greenwood Mapping, Inc.
Rich <at> GreenwoodMap <dot> com
(307) 733-0203

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