Miha STAUT mihastaut at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 8 17:10:04 EST 2003


In the tutorial on the GRASS/R interface there is also some note on 
connecting R to PostgreSQL. I know this is not the most apropriate place to 
ask this questions but since Markus wrote the tutorial... I did successfully 
manage to to import table data into R with the procedure described in that 

The reverse procedure however remained a mistery. I tried both to export the 
just a single column and the whole table. The importing on the other hand 
worked in both.

Once I also wrote to R mailnig list about the library Rdbi.PgSQL and they 
replied me that at the monment the only official (CRAN) way to connect to 
PostgreSQL is through ODBC. I do not know how wold that be done either.

Thanks, Miha Staut

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