[GRASSLIST:1749] Re: Building GDAL v1.1.9 source on Mac OSX v10.2 (Jaguar) for GRASS v5.0.3

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 06:46:32 EST 2003

> > I am trying to build GDAL to use with GRASS v5.0.3.  I am running
> > into problems, and hope that someone out there can set me straight.
> > 
> > The configure line is...
> > 
> > configure --with-png \
> > --with-jpeg \
> > --with-gif \
> > --with-tiff \
> > --without-python \
> > --with-grass
> In general, it's safest to avoid using --with-grass when building GDAL
> for use with GRASS. That won't affect building GDAL (i.e. it isn't
> related to your immediate problem), but it may cause problems either
> building or running r.in.gdal.

I believe --with-grass is the default. You need to explicitly use

(for those playing along at home: this is for stand-alone GRASS support,
i.e. support for GRASS maps via GDAL without having GRASS installed on
your system. Of note to the folks interested in interfacing proprietary
software with GRASS is the fact that GDAL is licensed under a X/MIT
style license, and libgrass is licensed as LGPL.)


"When building GDAL for use with GRASS the following options are
suggested. They minimize dependencies on external shared libraries, and
avoid some stuff of no use to GDAL.

./configure --with-grass=no --with-png=internal --with-jpeg=internal 
            --with-gif=internal --with-libtiff=internal 
            --with-geotiff=internal --with-libz=internal --without-ogr
            --without-pg --without-ogdi

Although personally I'd try to use OGR if I could.


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