[GRASSLIST:1781] Re: Vector networking tutorial

Maliheh malihehs at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 07:10:38 EST 2003

> In GRASS 5.0.x/5.3:
> v.in.dxf bla bla
> exit
> In GRASS 5.7:
> v.convert bla bla
> If this doesn't help (it should), please contact the
> mailing list.
> Markus

Hello Markus,
Thank you so much for your responses, but I couldn't
solve my problem yet, and I'm so sad, because it's so
important for me :(

Full story:
1. I worked with spearfish sample data and I havn't
any problem till I wanted to import a dxf file,
2. As you said in tutorial, I downloaded the
"WATRTOWR.DXF" and I copied it in
/grassdata/spearfish/permanent folder.
3.because I haven't dwg lib, I started grass5 and try
to use v.in.dxf, but the below has happened:
FLAG: Set the following flag?
    output to an ascii vector file (default:
binary)?(y/n) [n]
FLAG: Set the following flag?
    Suppress drawing of text outlines?(y/n) [n]
OPTION:   DXF input file
     key: dxf
required: YES
enter option > watrtowr.dxf
You have chosen:
Is this correct? (y/n) [y]
OPTION:   DXF layers with line data
     key: lines
required: NO
multiple: YES
enter option >
OPTION:   DXF layers with label data
     key: labels
required: NO
multiple: YES
enter option >
OPTION:   Prefix for dig or dig_ascii and dig_att
output files
     key: prefix
required: NO
enter option >
cannot open [watrtowr.dxf] for dxf file
Now I don't know what is my wrong?
Please help me!

Best Regards

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