[GRASSLIST:1813] Re: r.proj datum conversions

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Wed Nov 19 03:28:07 EST 2003

Richard Greenwood wrote:

> Are datum conversions supported in r.proj in 5.0.3?

No, only in 5.3 (CVS HEAD).

> I just did a test run 
> and it appears that datum conversion is not implemented, but maybe I have 
> something wrong.

The changes are considered too intrusive to go into the 5.0.x branch.

Basically, the intention is that upgrading to a later 5.0.x release
will, at a minimum, be harmless. Nothing should break, and nothing
should give different results (except in cases where the original
version gives a completely wrong result, i.e. an outright bug).

The datum conversion will be in any 5.3/5.4 releases.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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