Giacomo giacomo.bertoldi at ing.unitn.it
Thu Nov 20 14:56:03 EST 2003

Yes, I've downloaded and imported STATSGO data in Grass.
It is very easy, because you can download data in GRASS format.

Go to: http://www.ftw.nrcs.usda.gov/stat_data.html, where you find also 
the user guide.
Than go ftp ftp.ftw.nrcs.usda.gov as anonymous
go to /pub/statsgo/unix/grass you find the data compressed for each 

Giacomo Bertoldi
University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. Student Earth and Planetary Science

On Giovedì, nov 20, 2003, at 08:50 US/Pacific, dylan wrote:

> Has anyone done much with the STATSGO / SSURGO digital soil survey 
> data on
> GRASS...
> I am interested in doing so, but was curious if anyone has any 
> knowledge of
> prior projects.
> I can provide more details if this doesn't make much sense.
> Thanks in advance!
> Dylan Beaudette
> University of California at Davis
> Student of Soil Science

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