[GRASSLIST:3143] Re: assigning colors

Nivedita Candade ncandade at mail.usf.edu
Mon Apr 12 10:15:21 EDT 2004

You will have to assign colors in a file that has the same name as your 
raster. In the 'COLR' directory (which you will find in your parent 
directory), create this file (w/ the same name as the raster) and assign 
colors  w/ the RGB values.

1:0:0:255 (this would be blue)
2:255:0:0  (red)
3:0:255:0   (green) 
and so on for the 8 categories. Hope it works !

Good luck !

Quoting shilpa s <s_shilpa_15 at yahoo.com>:

> Hello,
> I have eight categories in the training data.  After I
> do the supervised classification, the color allocated
> is random.  I need to assign specific colors to
> specific categories, i.e., blue to water, red to
> forest and so on.  How can I do it?
> regards,
> shilpa
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