[GRASSLIST:3154] Re: [Fwd: New User Creating first Location]

Richard Greenwood rich at greenwoodmap.com
Tue Apr 13 22:31:41 EDT 2004

drew einhorn wrote:

>>When creating a new location I am asked to 
>>    Enter Zone:

Are you creating a UTM location? If so, that would be the UTM zone. If 
you are creating a State Plane location, enter 'list' and it will prompt 
you thru some options.

>>This is not mentioned in any of the tutorial I have found so far.
>>If I control-c past this I'm asked to set up my default region,
>>but I'm not clear on the units to use when filling out this form.
>>The region resolution makes sense, but it seems that you only want
>>it to apply to the layers involved in a computational model.
>>For other layers: doq, drg, etc. I would want to keep the full
>>resolution of the source.  Because I want use them to paint a
>>background image once the computation is done.  When reviewing
>>the results I want to focus on particular subregions, between the
>>river and the highway, north of this and south of that.  This
>>is easiest using a "full resolution" background image. 

The units would be based on your projection. Meters for UTM, degrees for 
lat/lon, maybe feet for State Plane. Make a guess, but don't worry 
because it can be changed easily. In fact you will probably change it 
frequently during the course of your work.

Best way to import raster data is with r.in.gdal -oe ... The -oe 
Over-rides the resolution and Extends the extent of the region if 
necessary. So again, don't stress about your initial settings, they will 
not restrict you.

Richard Greenwood

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