[GRASSLIST:3163] GRASS newsletter

Martin Wegmann mailinglist2_wegmann at web.de
Wed Apr 14 08:58:25 EDT 2004

Hello GRASS user, 

I wonder if there have been already discussions in the past about some kind of 
GRASS-newsletter (every 3 - 6 months), similar to the R newsletter 
New (or updated or noteworthy) modules can be explained, demonstrated etc. and 
if necessary can be cited. This way everybody who is not familiar with all 
GRASS modules would receive a brief overview of at least a few capabilities 
and stay informed what is changing or how GRASS evolved. And if these 
articles provide the whole command line  (+ link to sample data), the reader 
could experience the same on his/her system quite easily.

any comments about this idea? regards Martin

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