[GRASSLIST:3185] Time Series Object... HowTo?

Luigi Pirelli l.pirelli at acsys.it
Thu Apr 15 12:44:03 EDT 2004


I looked in all ML for something about possibility to manage time series data.

Something similar mixing i.group command and timestamp capabilities (or a fixed 
DB query)

What I need:
I need to specify a set of time related data to do something on them, instead of 
specify their name one by one.

What I'm asking:
Someone already did some experimental solution to define a grass object like a 
time series?
I need to exchang experience or opinions.

What I'm doing... for me and community :-)
I've time series data on a DB
I select them through time/spatial query (working on metadata)
I've to import them in grass in something that maintain time correlations
I've to use this information to show this time series with fixed 3d settings

Any suggest?

BeSoS Luis

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