[GRASSLIST:3196] Re: PostgreSQL Red Hat Edition and GRASS

Steve Sherman ssherman at cemml.colostate.edu
Fri Apr 16 16:49:30 EDT 2004


Thanks, but I was referring specifically to the PostgreSQL-Red Hat 
Edition available at http://sources.redhat.com/rhdb/  which is a an 
assemblage of user interfaces for administration and visualization.

 From what I can gather it shouldn't make any difference since the 
package is largely a front end for Postgres and GRASS probably won't 
even know it's there. I've decided to use PgAccess though because the RH 
Edition is 200 Mb.

Thanks again,

Jaime Carrera wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> The PostgreSQL version that comes with Red Hat works with GRASS.
> Cheers,
> Jaime
> Steve Sherman <ssherman at cemml.colostate.edu> wrote:
>     Does anyone know if the PostgreSQL Red Had Edition is compatible with
>     GRASS? I am assuming that the database itself is fundamentally
>     Postgres
>     and so using the RH edition won't affect my ability to integrate
>     the two
>     (GRASS and my database). I am new to all of this stuff and I've
>     managed, with some difficulty, to get Postgres to function in command
>     line mode, and I am working on getting PgAccess to function. Before I
>     screw with a functioning database by installing the above mentioned
>     package I wanted to be sure that it won't set me back.
>     Thanks
>     Steve
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