[GRASSLIST:3199] Re: bathymetry

Ian Macmillan ian_macmillan at umail.ucsb.edu
Sat Apr 17 17:16:50 EDT 2004

Hamish, thanks for the response.  I am using GRASS 5.0.0 on a mac (10.2.8).  I
am not sure what you mean by datum support.  I thought that I specified the
datum for a location when I set it up.  Do you mean that I can not project
across datums when using a command like r.proj?

the address for this data is here



> > Hi all, I have been attempting to import the Smith and Sandwell worldwide
> > bathymetry map, and have been having a lot of difficulty.  The data comes
> as a
> > mercator projected file on a sphere with coordinates in latitude and
> longitude.
> >  I know the number of rows and columns, and the bounding coordinates (in
> > lat-long).  How can I import this entire data set?  

> Which version of GRASS are you using?
> To get correct datum support, you will have to use at least version 5.3.
> This will probably only account for an error of a couple hundred meters
> though.
> Could you post a link to the public data repository? (if there is one)
> good luck,
> Hamish

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