[GRASSLIST:3253] RE: creating new mapset/location in batch-mode

Matt Doggett mdoggett at coas.oregonstate.edu
Wed Apr 21 12:02:30 EDT 2004

I've got an application that does exactly what you're doing. But what
I've done is created several 'working' Grass mapsets (apache1, apache2,
apache3, etc.). So when a user makes a particular request, my script
first checks for an available GRASS mapset (checks for a grass
lockfile). If apache1 is in use, it sends the request to apache2. If
apache2 is in use, it goes to apache3, etc. I have it setup to allow for
five simultaneous users which for us is more than adequate because the
mapset is only in use for a few seconds, enough time to do the grid
calculation and export the geotiff to Mapserver for rendering.  I use
geotiffs because the GDAL/Grass interface into Mapserver only allows
8-bit rasters and I have floating point grids with thousands of


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>We are working on an internet application which uses grass for
>interpolation (idw).
>The user can select the kind of point data to send to grass. Now a
>shellscript will be executet to get
>back a .tif +  .tfw  viewd  by  the  umn  mapserver.
>what happens when  two users start one grass location with the same
>mapset at the same time.
>is it possible to start idw two times with different mapsets but the
>same location and how can i create
>a new mapset/location in batchmode.
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