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drew einhorn drew at technteach.com
Sat Apr 24 08:32:55 EDT 2004


I had a similar problem.  In my situation tk was not installed on
my computer.  You may be missing tk, or some other required
software component on your computer.  Telling us what the start-up
script error is will probably help.

To help you install the missing component you will have to tell us
what operating system/distribution/version you are using.  The way you
manage the installed software varies a lot depending on your

On Sat, 2004-04-24 at 06:16, Mike Francis wrote:
> Hi,
> As a newbie I'm trying to find my way through the install and first
> run of Grass5. I have arrived at the prompt 'tcltkgrass&' and this
> generates a start-up script error. Could someone tell me how to get
> the graphical user interface working?
> Many thanks for your time.
> Mike
drew einhorn <drew at technteach.com>
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