[GRASSLIST:3287] problem with s.proj

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Tue Apr 27 14:45:11 EDT 2004

I'm having a problem with s.proj with Linux GRASS 5.0.2. I thought I had 
done this before and had not encountered any problems (I know I've used 
v.proj successfully previously). I'm trying to take a few points from a 
geographic (latitude/longitude) projection to a polar stereographic 
projection, both with WGS-84 datums (if it matters). But I get the 
following error from my polar stereographic projection location/mapset:

GRASS:/grass/data > s.proj input=points location=ohrfc mapset=oper 
dbase=/grass/data output=points
ERROR: ebuf 89:53:45.96W nbuf 36:20:26.16N

and the points will not plot when use d.sites.

I used s.in.ascii to import the site data just fine into my original 
geographic (latitude/longitude) projection location/mapset and it 
displayed just fine. This is the original data in lat/long coordinates:

-89.8961|36.3406|#1 %1.
-76.9638|41.8705|#2 %2.
-91.3477|36.1881|#3 %3.
-75.5863|41.8318|#4 %4.
-81.0030|33.2817|#5 %5.
-87.9014|45.6704|#6 %6.

Any ideas where I may be going wrong?


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