[GRASSLIST:2794] The RST interpolation

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Mon Mar 1 07:07:12 EST 2004


I'm fiddeling around with s.vol.rst program for interpolating rainfall
data on a 26 rainfall stations area (1500KM^2).

The volume grid I'm working with was creted with:

g3.createwind t=2500 b=0 dres=2500

as I'm interested in a 2D rainfall map, but with the influence of
topography. So I'm using a 50mx50m cell DTM.

I have fixed tension=160 and smooth=0.1 while changing zmult values.
What I noticed was that, as I increased the zmult values I got closer
and closer (more and more irrealistic) to a rainfall distribution that
resembles the topography distribution.

SO I presume (but not sure of) that using a zmult=2500 means that I have
exagerated the altitude values 2500 times?? while zmult=1 means I
consider the altitude 1 meter by 1 meter at a time? I'm rather confused
on this ....
Can anyone help?


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