[GRASSLIST:2847] Re: gstat: value not allowed for: data v field not found in sites list

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Mar 5 05:02:21 EST 2004

On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 01:20:52PM +0100, Kinberger Michaela wrote:
> Im trying to make geostatistics with gstat/GRASS. There are some 
> examples in the GRASS book from Mitasova and Neteler.
> I´m using the Maas UTM Location like in the example, but I always get 
> back the same error:
> GRASS site list werte: 0 cat, 2 dim, 0 str, 1 dbl.
> Warning: gstat/grass doubles in site list are ignored, check data v field!
> *gstat: value not allowed for: data v field not found in sites list
> *
> I´m using GRASS 5.0.r binaries and gstat version 2.4.3 with libraries:  
> gd (png) grass ncurses
> What can I do to get a result.

your gstat installation seems to be configured well. So you have to
check two things:

 - the sites data file:
   When using GRASS sites lists as input maps, following column
   order conventions have to be followed:
       Easting|Northing|#site_no %FP_data [%FP_data]
   To check it, run: 
   s.info your_sites_file

   -> does it report 2 dimentions, 1 category, 1 or more DOUBLE 
      attributes? It should (or the sites file is not right)

   The error message indicates, that the 4th column of your
   sites file is not right or contains errors.

 - the gstat control file:
   Should contain something like this
     data(zinc): 'Zn', x=1, y=2, v=1;

   v1 points to the first DOUBLE attributes column in the sites file.

Please report some details.


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