[GRASSLIST:2851] Re: --with-fftw?

Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Fri Mar 5 08:43:34 EST 2004

You need version 2.x of FFTW for GRASS.  It's listed with the version 
number in the REQUIREMENTS.html document of prerequisites, but perhaps 
what was not clear to you is that it really needs to be 2.x (not "at 
least" 2.x).


On Mar 5, 2004, at 5:50, Miha STAUT wrote:

> Hi,
> Why when trying to compile and install the fftw library the includes 
> searched from GRASS never install. They are not even in the source 
> tree. I tried several times (--with-includes --with-libs) with 
> different releases of the GRASS source. I have fftw-3.0.1. Is there 
> any other way to get the fftw dependent commands to work?
> Thanks, Miha
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