[GRASSLIST:2854] r.in.bin and 8 bit (unsigned) binary

Martin du Saire mdusaire at umn.edu
Fri Mar 5 14:15:01 EST 2004

Me again.

I am attempting to import what I think is an 8 bit unsigned binary data 
file from  USGS.  When I use the north, south, east, west parameters (used 
to define the region) in r.in.bin, it generates a filesize error, and gives 
me a negative value for total bytes and suggest trying bytes=0.  When I use 
the row, column parameters, r.in.bin generates a raster that is about 10 
times smaller than the data file.  d.rast generates a blank screen (or 
maybe a really tiny map).  Am I missing an intermediate step or two between 
r.in.bin and d.rast?

I have pasted the data info that comes with the datafile, and that I used 
to generate the region and plug into r.in.bin:

2.2 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Projection Parameters

The data dimensions of the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection for the 
North America land cover characteristics data set are 8,996 lines (rows) 
and 9,223 samples (columns) resulting in a data set size of approximately 
83 megabytes for 8-bit (byte) images. The following is a summary of the map 
projection parameters used for this projection:

Projection Type: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
Units of Measure: meters
Pixel Size: 1000 meters
Radius of sphere: 6370997 m
Longitude of origin: 100 00 00 W
Latitude of origin: 50 00 00 N
False easting: 0.0
False northing: 0.0

XY corner coordinates (center of pixel) in projection units (meters):

Lower left: (-4487000, -4515000)
Upper left: (-4487000, 4480000)
Upper right: (4735000, 4480000)
Lower right: (4735000, -4515000)
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