[GRASSLIST:2868] Re: Markus should become the new Debian Grass maintainer

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Mon Mar 8 04:26:28 EST 2004

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 11:37:03PM +0100, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> Il sab, 2004-03-06 alle 06:49, Dan Jacobson ha scritto:
> > Idea: Markus should become the new Debian grass maintainer.  FOG, no
> > offense, is often too busy, debian versions sometimes getting several
> > years old, man pages disappearing, etc.  Markus is the undenied grass
> > expert...
> having a real grass user as a debian manintainer would be good and if
> markus is a debian developer i would be glad to hand the package to him.

No, I am not debian developer. The 5.7 debian package mentioned earlier
was developed on a handheld with external disk. Recently I got confirmation
that someone successfully produced a i586 5.7 debian package from the
specs. So that should be almost fine.

> else, he can always send patches to the current package using the debian
> bug tracking system. building a package that respects the debian policy
> and can be well integrated into the distribution is a big work for a
> package large as grass and any help is always welcome.

Lintian didn't report too many problems (I fixed whatever possible).

What needs to be done:

-------------------- snip -----------------------------
Creating a binary deb (any architecture) from fresh GRASS CVS snapshots:

Ingredients: fresh CVS snapshots of 5.3 and 5.7.

Important to understand: GRASS 5.7 requires source code from 
    GRASS 5.3-CVS to compile. After placing the 5.3 source code 
    into the right place (as explaned below) the code should be found 
    and linked into the 5.7 source code automatically. Here in detail:

First: fetch the weekly CVS source code snapshots:

    * GRASS 5.3 CVS source snapshot:

    * GRASS 5.7 CVS source snapshot:

Second: code extraction compilation 
 #1. arrange source code:
 mkdir /usr/src/grass/
 cd /usr/src/grass/
 #store above CVS snapshot packages into this directory.

 #expand 5.3 code in the same directory:
 tar xvfz grass53src_cvs_snapshot_exp_2003_MM_DD.tar.gz

 #rename 5.3 directory to required name (as defined in debian/rules/ of 5.7):
 mv grass53_exp_2003_MM_DD/ grass-5.3.0/

 #expand 5.7 code in the same directory:
 tar xvfz grass57src_cvs_snapshot_exp_2003_MM_DD.tar.gz

 #rename 5.7 directory to required name (as defined in debian/rules/ of 5.7):
 mv grass57_exp_2003_MM_DD/ grass-5.7.0/

 #so you should find something like:
 #ls -1
 #  grass-5.3.0/
 #  grass-5.7.0/

 #2. Build the package

 cd grass-5.7.0
 #-> should create a source deb and a binary deb for your platform

For a Debian developer it should be easy to submit the package.

Hope this helps and make availabe a 5.7-deb soon.


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