[GRASSLIST:2886] r.reclass cannot create directory

SWlab swlab at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 10 00:12:47 EST 2004

I'd like to reclassify some rasters in grass53(CVS 2004/02/28) on a SuSE7.1 
box. One command causes me some problems:

cat tmp | r.reclass i=STM o=ZNR

gives me:

mkdir: cannot create directory .../cell_misc/ZNR: Too many links

Other reclassifications, using the same input map or others, before or after 
this command, seem to work fine.

I'm pretty confused. Everything works quite fine with grass53(CVS 2003/08/..) 
on a SuSE8.2

Any idea more than welcomed
Thx in advance

Soil & Water Laboratory
Dept. of Biological & Environmental Engineering
Cornell University
ITHACA, NY 14853
Tel: (607)255.2463

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