[GRASSLIST:2900] Re: make a grid?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 17:54:35 EST 2004

> I'd like to make a grid.
> In grass5 there was v.mkgrid and in grass 5.7?

As far as I can see, v.mkgrid has not been updated for 5.7 yet, and by
the (superficial) look of things it would probably be better to rewrite
it from scratch.

You might try and write a script to generate a 5.7 vector ASCII file to
do this. Shouldn't be very hard. I'd recommend using Matlab or Octave.

If you know C, you might have a go at doing it properly as a new 5.7

Maybe there is an easy solution already?, I'm not a 5.7 expert.

You can always generate the grid in 5.0/5.3 and convert it to 5.7 format
in the mean time.


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