[GRASSLIST:2940] invalid #dims or fields for site import

stef sepd2003 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 14 14:24:53 EST 2004

I have been trying to import sites for San Diego,
California (lat:32.861638 lon: -117.213281).  Some
sites work, all the -116 sites will not (i.e.
-116.656290 32.789870). When I import the manager is
giving me this message:

ERROR: ebuf -116.656290 32.789870 nbuf @u B)
ERROR: G_site_new_struct: invalid # dims or fields

I have gone back and create multiple locations,
changed the values from decimal degree to lat/long and
still I get a message that this is an invalid #dims or
fields.  Yet, I believe the -116 is within the -117
lon mark as in the lat mark..

Any suggestions?

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